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Skype Online Guitar Lessons & Learn Guitar Online Worldwide with Female Guitar Teacher | Guitarist

Learn Guitar Worldwide

All Guitar Playing Levels Welcome!
Electric and Acoustic Players

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  • Do you want to take guitar lessons from the Shredmistress but live outside of Los Angeles or overseas? Shred like your Guitar Heros?
  • Learn Guitar Online via Skype and let me show you how to improvise.
  • With Skype, distance is of no importance any longer.
  • Join dozens of guitar students worldwide who are taking guitar lessons online with the Shredmistress.
  • Learn even the most sophisticated scales and how to apply them in your playing
  • Learn how to build chords and they will come
  • Even the most difficult looking chords like D13b9+5sus are going to be a breeze for your to build and use.
  • Are you a beginning guitarist? No worries. I shall get you up and rocking in no time.
  • Skype is a great alternative to personal in-house guitar lessons. Once we’re all set up, you will find this to be a most convenient way to take personal lessons even if you can’t or don’t want to travel.

Taking guitar lessons from a qualified teacher is STILL the best way to ensure you reach your musical goal faster, better and are more prepared.


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Why not I say. You can choose any guitar teacher you want and start learning or improving your guitar playing. Distance is not an issue any longer. Even if you live in Los Angeles, but don’t want to fight the traffic or spent valuable time on the road you can use Skype to connect with one of the best female guitar teachers around.

How to prepare?

It is still best to use a hard-wire connection to the Internet (cable) rather than using a wireless connection. However, that works as well if your speed is high to begin with. Every setup is different, from the computers, the software, the hardware, the type of webcam, the audio setup etc. I work with you to ensure our transmission is fluent.

The Future

Let’s face it. The digital future is here. Soon we’ll be conducting most businesses online, including learning guitar. Why not start now and get an edge on this. I find it most gratifying to connect with guitar students from all over the world, show them how to play, shred, rock, solo and grooove regardless of locations. Awesome if you ask me.

Skype Guitar Lessons


All tutorials are included in our lessons, as they are with personal in-house sessions. They’ll be sent either via Skype or via your email account. Backing tracks are available for jamming along. Great selection of Guitar Tutorials | Sheet Music | Songbooks | Tab Books by your favorite artists | Videos | Lick Library… I have the right study materials.

  • Open Chords .. Bar Chords .. Power Chords .. Rock Chords ..Jazz Chords .. Chord Embellishments .. Altered and Extended Chords
  • Take the Pentatonic Scale to the Limit .. Major Scale and the 7 Modes .. Minor Scales and Applications .. Diminished Scale .. Augmented Scale
  • Vertical Soloing .. 3 Notes per String Scales .. Speed Enhancements .. Extended Scale Soloing .. Blues Scale .. Altered Scales
  • Hammer Ons and Pull Offs .. Tapping with all Fingers .. Legato Playing .. Arpeggios
  • Sweep Picking .. Economy Picking .. Alternate Picking .. Massive Unadultered Shred Solos
  • Blues Licks .. Funky Rhythms .. Jazz Studies .. Country Licks

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