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Female Guitarist Shredmistress Rynata | NAMM Event | Burns Flyte Guitar

Female Guitar Teacher | Guitarist Shredmistress Rynata at NAMM Weekend 2007 – Guitar Geek Fest Event, hosted by Deke Dickerson and Guitar Player Magazine


All Guitar Playing Levels Welcome!!

Learn music theory, harmony, soloing, composition, blues solos, scales, tapping, guitar arpeggios, speed picking, jazz chords, funky rhythms, country licks. As well as shredding across the guitar fingerboard and everything there is to know about the guitar.

Los Angeles, California

Guitar Lessons for ADULTS by experienced Female Guitarist and Guitar Teacher
Shredmistress Rynata

from Blues Guitar to Shredding Metal
Los Angeles, California

Take your guitar playing skills to the next level! With personalized, private guitar lessons by one of the best female guitarist and guitar teachers in Los Angeles, California: Shredmistress Rynata.

Is something missing in your guitar playing? Got chops but no theory? Got theory but no chops? Need both? It takes the combination of chops and theory to make you a great player. I will work with you on both!

Guitar beginners to advanced guitar players, all levels are welcome.


I am located in Los Angeles (Sherman Oaks), California. No matter if you are just starting to play the guitar and are struggling with your first chords. Maybe you have already several years of playing under your belt. Even recorded and toured but are caught in a ‘rut’….

Wanna shred like your favorite guitar heroes? Play the Blues like Joe Bonamassa or B.B. King? Do those funny looking chords intimidate you? Always wanted to improvise on the fly? ….


I have the program for YOU!!

  • Basic Open Chords | Bar(re) Chords | Power Chords | Jazz Chords | Rock Chords
  • Pentatonic Scale | Major Scale | Modes | Minor Scale | Diminished Scale | Augmented
  • Vertical Soloing | Extended Scale Soloing | Blues Scale | Altered Scales | Whole Tones
  • Melodic Solos | Tapping | Legato Playing | Arpeggios | Sweep Picking | Economy Picking
  • Pure Unadultered Shredding Solos | Alternate Picking | Speed Picking Exercises
  • Blues Licks | Funk Rhythms | Jazz Studies | Country Licks

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**** All my students receive personalized guitar lessons, designed specifically around their experience and goals. Private, personal guitar lessons are so much more productive than studying on your own with DVDs or online. You will learn faster, better and more accurately how to play the guitar, if you start with a good guitar teacher.

Guitar lessons also make great gifts. Consider them for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays or… just because you care about a special person. If you know someone who plays guitar or is interested in learning how to play guitar… give them a gift they would love and benefit from. THE GIFT OF MUSIC!

Start learning TODAY, and together we will make sure you reach your fullest potential as a musician! ¬†¬†Remember: ‘There are NO wrong notes – just poor choices’…

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