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Free Guitar Tutorials and Music Lessons. Leave a comment if you have something to add to an article. I always love to hear from my readers, fans and students.

The following tutorials are posted on my blog! Follow the links! Leave comments! Then come back and book your lessons!

Guitar Speed Exercises with Alternate Picking

Wanna become a Shredaholic? Practice these 2 Guitar Speed Exercises with Alternate Picking and be on your way !…..

Dorian Mode – harmonize in thirds and the fab Flat 5 note

The Dorian Mode – a cool exercise in thirds with the Dorian Mode, over 3 minor chords. This is a jazzy clip but the Dorian Mode rocks equally over Metal, Blues and Rock. PDFs and sounds included…..

Guitar Arpeggios – 3-string guitar arpeggios at a fast pace.

Another guitar arpeggio exercise in this on-going series. PDFs and sounds included…..

Guitar Arpeggios – An Introduction: 2-string, 3-note Arpeggios….

Most of my students ask me how to play arpeggios on the guitar. Whizzing up and down the neck at blindening speed, creating fluent chord notes. It’s a great tool to have. PDFs and sounds included…..

How to build a Major Scale based on the Chromatic Scale…..

The Major Scale is one of the most important first building blocks in understanding Music Theory. It is the basis for how chords are constructed, the Modes and intelligent soloing.

Music Theory and Education Part 1….

Part 1 of an ongoing series about Music Theory and Music Education.
A basic overview

Part 2 – Music Theory and Music Education….

Conventional Music Notation versus Tablature – Do we Guitarists still need to learn old-fashioned music notation? The Debate rages on!

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