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Read what some of my students or their parents are saying:

Rynata is a wonderful guitar teacher. She is well versed about music, and for my style, which is Blues Guitar, the best teacher I’ve had so far. She has taught me all the basics and furnished me with the tools that I can go on my way and play Blues Guitar with just about anyone. Kudos to The Shredmistress!
all the best
Melissa Branch, Hollywood

Best guitar lessons I’ve had. I’m an intermediate “shredder” with a bunch of licks but needed guidance to put it all together. Rynata was awesome. FINALLY it made sense. And she shreds!
Tim Garner, Echo Park, CA

My daughter Shawna is 12 years old and bent on playing “rock guitar”. Rynata was referred thru a friend and has been coming to our house for about 5 months now. Shawna loves her guitar and is making rapid progress. Rynata advised me to start Shawna on an electric guitar right away and helped me pick out a nice Ibanez and practice amp for my daughter. They have a great rapport together and I’m happy to have Rynata teaching guitar to my daughter.
Best regards
Milli Jacobs Sherman Oaks, Ca.

Rynata made practicing fun again. Now I can’t stop playing. I’ve tried for years to get the concept out of books, but it just didn’t work for me . None of it was enjoyable and now I’m looking forward to the lessons and jamming with Rynata while we’re learning new stuff. Really good!
Tom Adamson, Sherman Oaks, Ca.

I did my first live gig at the Key Club with my new band after taking up lessons with The Shredmistress… and what a difference the lessons made. Friends who heard me play guitar before and after couldn’t believe the progress I had made and what I was able to play that night. Thanks for all your help and patience Rynata
Pamela Lokings, West Hollywood, Ca

Okay… in a nutshell: my licks have gone from mediocre to stellar in a matter of weeks. I’m no beginner mind you, but after years of teaching myself I picked up so many bad habits which really inhibited my progress. Rynata helped me clean up a lot of those and now Voila! shred shred shred with a concept! Go take lessons from Rynata
Elliott Clearview, Los Angeles, Ca

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