Guitar & Music Equipment Endorsements

Shredmistress with handmade Tipton Guitar

Shredmistress Rynata
with Minarik Inferno Guitar

Minarik Guitars endorses Female Guitarist
Rynata endorses Minarik Guitar
and shreds on the INFERNO

Tipton Guitars endorses Women Musicians
Rynata endorses Tipton Guitars
and shreds on the WHITE BEAUTY

Rynata endorses J3 Guitars
Rynata endorses Burns Guitars
and plays a Burns Flyte Guitar!

Moody Leather straps
Great Leather Guitar/Bass Straps
run by the fab Allison Suter

Start learning guitar today with one of the Best Female Blues Rock Guitar Players and Teachers
Comprehensive Guitar Lessons and an intelligent approach to music.
Los Angeles, California

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