One of the most playable small electric guitars on the market. Review of the Ibanez Electric Guitar Mikro and the guitar pack. …

Guitars for Young Players Reviewed

Ibanez GRGM21M Mikro Guitar

This is the coolest little electric guitar for young players. I found this by accident when I was searching in the music stores for a small but well-made electric guitar for my young guitar students. The Ibanez Mikro GRM21M was the ticket for me. I don’t work for Ibanez but do like their products. This one being one of the best guitars for small hands.

Ibanez GRGM21BKN MIKRO Electric Guitar Black Night

This version of the Ibanez Mikro Guitar is a tad bigger but still falls into the category of small guitars. Well made, very playable and cool looking for the young rocker. I bought a couple of these for my kid guitar students and they all love them.

Ibanez IJX200 Electric Guitar Value Pack Blue

An inexpensive and sturdy Beginners Guitar Pack by Ibanez. Has everything to get you started playing electric guitar. Includes: 10Watt Amp, Headphones, Gig bag, Tuner, Strap, Guitar Cable and Picks

Ibanez GDTM21 Mikro Electric Guitar Candy Apple

This Ibanez Guitar sports a mini-destroyer look which can be quite appealing to the young future shredders among us. Also smaller scaled and easy to play, this guitar is a favorite among the young rockers. In a nice reddish color.

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