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All Guitar Playing Levels Welcome!!

Learn music theory, harmony, soloing, composition, blues solos, scales, tapping, guitar arpeggios, speed picking, jazz chords, funky rhythms, country licks, shredding across the guitar fingerboard and everything there is to know about the guitar.

Los Angeles, California

Guitar Lessons for ADULTS by experienced Female Guitarist and Guitar Teacher
Shredmistress Rynata

from Blues Guitar to Shredding Metal
Los Angeles, California

Take your guitar playing skills to the next level with personalized, private guitar lessons by one of the best female guitarist and guitar teachers in Los Angeles, California: Shredmistress Rynata.

Is something missing in your guitar playing? Got chops but no theory? Got theory but no chops? Need both? It takes the combination of chops and theory to make you a great player. I will work with you on both!
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Guitar beginners to advanced guitar players, all levels are welcome.


I am located in Los Angeles (Sherman Oaks), California. No matter if you are just starting to play the guitar and are struggling with your first chords or you have already several years of playing under your belt, maybe even recorded and toured but are caught in a ‘rut’…. Wanna shred like your favorite guitar heroes? Play the Blues like Joe Bonamassa or B.B. King? Do those funny looking chords intimidate you? Always wanted to improvise on the fly? ….


I have the program for YOU!!

  • Basic Open Chords | Bar(re) Chords | Power Chords | Jazz Chords | Rock Chords
  • Pentatonic Scale | Major Scale | Modes | Minor Scale | Diminished Scale | Augmented
  • Vertical Soloing | Extended Scale Soloing | Blues Scale | Altered Scales | Whole Tones
  • Melodic Solos | Tapping | Legato Playing | Arpeggios | Sweep Picking | Economy Picking
  • Pure Unadultered Shredding Solos | Alternate Picking | Speed Picking Exercises
  • Blues Licks | Funk Rhythms | Jazz Studies | Country Licks

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  • Skype Online Guitar Lessons. Learn guitar in the comfort of your home.
  • Los Angeles Private Guitar Lessons for Individuals and Groups.
  • Music theory, Harmony, Chordal Structure, Arpeggios, Sweep Picking. Scales.
  • Huge collection of tutorials, hands-on approaches, Cd’s made to order of teaching materials for a small fee. Check out how the guitar greats like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, BB King, Jimi Hendrix got there.
    (after all … my name is ‘Shredmistress’)
  • Acoustic guitarists will be exposed to fingerpicking, and making the most out of their instruments. Women and girls strongly encouraged.
  • All ages…some of my students are very young and it’s encouraging to see and hear young girls wanting to play guitar. Proper training at the very beginning is important to lay the groundwork for an accomplished player down the line.
  • NO matter if you want to just jam, join a band, be a session player or plain ole rockn’roll… it starts with the tools. I am here to help you!
  • Need advice purchasing a guitar? With so many guitar types and models on the market, a beginning guitarist is often lost in this dazzling display of guitars available. Even seasoned players have trouble navigating through the sheer volume of availability. I keep up with the lastest technology, test drive a lot of guitars and gear and am always willing to share the knowledge.

**** All my students receive personalized guitar lessons, designed specifically around their experience and goals. Private, personal guitar lessons are so much more productive than studying on your own with DVDs or online. You will learn faster, better and more accurately how to play the guitar, if you start with a good guitar teacher.

Guitar lessons also make great gifts. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays or… just because you care about a special person … if you know someone who plays the guitar or is interested in learning how to play guitar… give them a gift they would love and benefit from. THE GIFT OF MUSIC!

Start learning TODAY, and together we will make sure you reach your fullest potential as a musician!   ‘There are NO wrong notes – just poor choices’…

Guitar Teacher, Guitarist, Recording Artist

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Sounds & Videos

Videos and Guitar Exercises – from Blues Guitar to Shredding Metal

Solo Excerpt from Promised Land

From the Archives – Women Shred Guitar

Blues, Nothing but the Blues Jam with Female Guitarist Rynata 2016

Glamazon – from the Archives

Very spontaneous Blues Jam | Kyle Rowland with Female Blues Rock Guitarist Rynata 2016

Collage of Pictures and cool Sound Track Solo – from the Archives

Shred Guitar 2 String Guitar Arpeggio

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Shred Guitar 3 String Guitar Arpeggio

click here for PDF and instructions

Guitar Speed Exercise No. 1
Shredding Guitar Alternate Picking

click here for PDF and instructions

Guitar Speed Exercise No. 2
slightly different than the above

click here for PDF and instructions

Start playing guitar today with a qualified guitar teacher and music instructor. Guitar Lessons, Music Instructions and Studio Production in Los Angeles, California

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Guitar Lessons For Adults Los Angeles

The Shred Mistress playing the Minarik Inferno Guitar at Namm

Blues Rock Guitar Lessons for Adults with Female Guitar Teacher
Los Angeles

Female Guitarist | Female Guitar Teacher Shredmistress Rynata endorses Minarik Inferno Guitars

Los Angeles, California

All Guitar Playing Levels Welcome!
Electric and Acoustic Players

  • Do you want to MASTER the guitar? Shred like your guitar heroes?
  • Improvise over all sorts of chord changes?
  • Want to know how Tapping and Arpeggios are done?
  • Want to understand what ‘THE MODES’ are all about?
  • Learn all the different types of scales and how to apply them in your guitar playing?
  • Do you ‘cringe’ when you see guitar chords like: G13b5#9, D7b5b9 or Am7b5?
  • Do you play already rather decently but are caught in a ‘rut’?
  • You have never played guitar before but are FINALLY making your dream of playing guitar come true?
  • Do you have questions about which guitar to buy? Which amp? What kind of pedals to get? How to chain effects together? Or program that Multi-Effects-Processor?


Learn how to play guitar – ADULTS | Guitar Shredders | Acoustic Players | Blues Guitar | Speed Monsters | Song Writers | Jazz Fans | Metal / Rock Fanatics
with Female Guitarist / Guitar Teacher
Shredmistress Rynata

Private and Online Guitar Lessons Discount PackOnline Guitar Lessons via Skype

Huge collection of teaching materials available: Riff Interactive lessons, Lick Library, guitar videos by the great players, sheet music on CDs, books of your favorite bands – for example – Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Vai and many more. Lots of blues books / sheet music and videos. music theory books, tutorials about tempo, timing and rhythm, speed picking exercises, tapping, legato playing and much more.


Who am I?

I have played guitar for over 25 years and have taught many students for the last 8 years. Being a session guitarist, recording artist and touring performer, I have played most styles in my lifetime and I love it all. For me, there are no limits to what I enjoy playing. Versatility has always been high on my agenda. From the Blues to Heavy Metal, to Funk, Reggae, Jazz… I’ve been called upon to play many different styles. So whatever your ‘favorite’ music type is, I can help you put that into reality.

What to choose?

In this maze of sites that promise to ‘make you the ultimate guitarist’, CD-roms and instructional DVDs, the fastest and most efficient way to improve your playing or start playing guitar from scratch, is to find a good guitar teacher, who, on a personal level, can help you make your guitar playing dreams become reality. Most of the guitar greats have taken private guitar lessons (among which are guitar players, I am sure you admire).

There is no substitute for a hands-on, custom tailored, tutoring program, that is made JUST FOR YOU!!

Everyone is different!

Everyone’s needs, aspirations and skills are different and ‘one size’ does not fit all, unfortunately. Music is a very complex subject and guitar playing has evolved into a rather intricate and divers subject. I am here to help you attain your music goals and teach you everything there is to know about the styles of music you want to play. Good tutoring, well put together and comprehensive lessons, plus a willingness on your part to learn and practice, will get you there.

female guitarist with guitar

More and more women and girls are learning how to play guitar. The ‘girls only play acoustic guitar’ days are gone ladies.. now women are ‘shredding’ on acoustic and electric guitars. I teach acoustic styles, from finger picking to acoustic blues to folk songs as well as all the tricks and guitar gymnastics on electric guitars. No matter what your preference of guitar is, I can accommodate you.

cool guy guitarist shredding

Rules are there to be broken!
This is so true when it comes to guitar playing.Look at the most well-known guitarists of our time and you’ll realize that they have employed as many different ways and techniques to play guitar as there are roads to Rome…. not to mention pick sizes / materials / strength, string gauges, pickups etc. etc. How to hold the left/right hand, how to hold the pick, how to mute, which picking technique to use, on and on… It can get pretty confusing. Outside of the classical guitar realm, these days, anything can go.

Bad Bad Habits ! !
To sort out all of these techniques
and weed out any unnecessary ‘bad habits’ and yes, there are ‘bad habits’, do yourself a favor and take lessons from a qualified guitar teacher, who has played many of these techniques and can steer you into the direction that is right for YOU!

And another word in regards to ‘bad habits’:
Even though the guitar can be played in many different ways, there ARE ways which will make your guitar playing life a lot more difficult. Granted, you practice something long enough, you’ll probably become good at it. But.. it took some players 20 years to get to a place they could have gotten to much sooner if they had revised some of their ‘ways’. I am here to address those issues with you and make sure you’ll attain your guitar playing dream the best way possible.

Guitar Teacher, Guitarist, Recording Artist

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